Friday 9/20/2019

Well yesterday was a good day, I did my last class at one location and start my next classes at the other location. Then I did the interview and think that went good. Then I was riding my bicycle and unfortunately ate shit, or fell. It was slow motion to me, I was watching the pavement and on my way down was thinking this is going to hurt. Felt the pain on my knee, elbow, shoulder and then my head hit the ground but it hit really hard. I immediately got up and brushed it off but being a day later, I have a small welt on my head and a headache to go with it most the day. Kinda funny because after I was thinking “fuck that was hard, why?”. Figured I havent been to the gym in sometime and my body is not as “hard” as it use to be because what was once loaded with muscle is unfortunately turned to fat. Which is funny because two days ago I stopped by the church to talk to the gentlemen that handles my insurance to ask him if my insurance covered a gym. He gave me a number to call and try and get that figured out. Maybe a sign….? I am going to call that number very soon to get something set up. I have to get some muscle back because without it, I feel like a big fat slob and that’s gross. Ok I’m going to go back to dealing with this headache and continue to take an easy. Stay safe and God bless


Wednesday 9/18/19

Hey there, today has been an ok day so far. I woke up late, rushed out and rode quickly to the bus stop. With that being said, it almost sounds like I am on a schedule. HA! Not right now but I did check on the neighbor as I have been doing the past couple days. She turns 95 next month, how exciting! But she is doing good as usual, her son returns today but she said Ill see you tonight, reason being, I have been checking in on her morning and night and I think she enjoys the company. I dont fear getting that aged but I …. I fear am going to get a dog at that age and I die before my companion. If it comes to that time and this does happen, I will have plans to check on them and make sure that it is well taken care of. My digital work, which took a week or two of communication, turned out to be fake … again. Its ok tho, I am learning many lessons while doing this. Last night, I was reading through Forbes website about digital work and came upon a large list of legitimate companies that hire digitally. I have applied today two multiple positions, also last night through the Forbes website I learned some websites to learn from which once your have completed the course, an award is rewarded to you and that is to show future employers that you have some knowledge. Tomorrow I am attending my last class at my first location, only to let them know that I am done there and moving to another location, which is unfortunate. I am trying to get my head around the thought that everything in my life that I get comfortable with changes or ends. Its unfortunate but I have a feeling He does this for a reason, good or bad but it does happen and you cant do a *amn thing about it. I was invited to dinner tonight which I am excited about, the food and the company is something I look forward too. My dad in Washington is awesome, I love him so much and he is doing everything he can do to help me. I appreciate everybody helping me through this extremely hard time in my life. My dad in Arizona, he is awesome too and both men are beautiful hahaha no I am not gay but if they read this, I want them to laugh. Ok those are some of my thoughts for now, I may post again tonight. God bless, amen!

Tuesday 9/17

So the beginning of the day was a good day, all the way up to my meeting with my new classes place. Woke up, went and checked on the neighbor who is older and she was doing great. Rode down to the bus and caught the bus to my class and class was big enough we moved to a new room, a bigger room. All was good and dandy but then after class made it to my dads work. Got there and locked up my bike, we then headed to the new establishment where my new classes are going to be. I appreciate him going and doing everything he did but I am not happy about new classes. After, my mood changed and I have not felt this … this down in a long time. But because Arizona courts and companies are so *ucked up, I am going to be ending my classes which I am taking currently, that I really enjoy and start at this *hit place. But then on my ride home, I was thinking to myself “its my fault because I got comfortable”. This whole situation is my fault and take blame and am doing everything in my power to get this done but everything and/or anything I get used to either gets taken away or changed and it is immediately on everything. But then I was also thinking “I need to get use to this, this is life of a nomad”. The digital work that I thought was going to work is starting to look like another hoax. I found a company that is legit and actually does digital work. I have emailed them with some questions because in order to get started, somethings are required that right now I cannot handle. His path for me is already set and I have complete faith. Tomorrow evening I have an interview with a financial institution in Phoenix which should be fun and then Thursday I have a interview at Taco Bell, which I am ready for that as well. Thursday, after my last class I am speaking with who I spoke with about housing. I am excited about that and ready for something because this does need to happen, sooner than later. I may post again tonight but no promises! God bless, amen!!

Monday 9/16/2019

This morning was a good morning, woke up checked on the neighbor and was of to the interview. The interview was … another interview but after went to the library and really looked into digital work as well as applied at other brick and mortar store. Had my “assessment” for housing and that went good. I told her about “digital nomad” as gave her an example of it. I said imagine, next week Im going to Australia and on the plane ride there, working and then arriving and checking things out but stopping into a coffee shop for a couple of hours and doing some more work. Then go into the outback and running your hotspot while opening your laptop to work… And she took note of it and told me she was going to look into it. HAHAHA Its a dream job/career. I got back on the computer afterwards and continued looking and found something a little more serious into that. I applied to that as well as a couple more brick and mortar establishments. Something is going to come up, I know He has me covered. I do appreciate anybody helping me in life right now, without the angels and Himself, I would be *ucked. I need housing to happen sooner than later though because my time is coming up to when I will be forced to leave. If only there was a way I could get into an RV and have a space so I have an address, I think that would make life much easier! But He has me and has already laid out my path which I am trying my hardest to stay on. I know He got me and after jail, my life with Him has been a struggle but I am “not in the mud”. I do appreciate everybody and everything that has or is helping me out with this.

Monday 9/16/19

Sorry I didn’t write or type yesterday, went over to my dads and figured out what I have to live off after expenses paid. 50$ after all said and done. Talk about pinching a penny lol or better yet stretching a penny. Well I’m off to another interview and I think the digital work was another scam. This *hit is hard to get into! Its unfortunate because if I get something like that then I plan on working my as* off on it. But might as well keep trying but I’m also looking for a brick and mortar store as well. God bless, amen!

Saturday evening 9/14/2019

So far today has been an ok day, I woke up and immediately left to catch the bus to my class. I showed up early as planned and spent eight hours in class. It was different but actually kind of enjoyable. Learned some stuff and kind of got a little one on one with the instructor. Learned he is a wealthy man and very intelligent. Come to find out, he had a life changing situation 10 years ago. Its interesting because every person … most every person I’ve met that has had something life changing, I’ve gotten a weird “vibe” from without knowing about their experience…. Weird… all good, God bless and amen!

Friday night 9/13/2019

Today was … was interesting. It was a good day, figure, as long as you wake up its going to be a good day. I don’t know about the digital work, still doing it hoping that it works out. Nothing much to say really, I have class in the morning which is going to push me to flat ass broke but I saved for this. That is something I am proud of! I got a call from an outreach program about housing and have an appointment Monday to speak with them, that’s something exciting! I have an interview on Monday before that which is exciting as well. I spoke with disability office today about working and losing my disability. Things don’t look so bad but the Lord has me covered. Not going into much more detail about much else, don’t want to give ammo to people who want me to fail, they can kiss my *ss! Its ok tho, God bless and amen! Goodnight!